2 Stars and a Nut!

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You see them walk the red carpet with so much confidence people mistake them for demigods. But many, if not all, of these tinseltown royalties have their own secret weapon in keeping themselves as overwhelmingly beautiful as possible. Over time one of the biggest that have surfaced is virgin coconut oil.

Most definitely, it’s no accident they’re stuck with the oil from the ‘Tree of Life’. Here are 2 Hollywood A-listers who has shown everyone else on the planet why their stars shine brightest. Made complete with a sprinkle of virgin coconut oil by their side, always.

1. Jennifer Aniston

Come to think of it, you can’t really put limits to this Jennifer – even nary a shadow of Brad Pitt. For one, she’s already proved her mettle as one of the highest paid actress in Hollywood. In 2014 alone, the sex symbol’s worth was estimated to be $150 million. Mind you, that’s an income most people won’t be able to touch in a lifetime of work.

It’s true, Jen’s sweet face has made Rachel Green in Friends a household word. Behind all that, she is a true believer in the power of extra virgin coconut oil. Jennifer Aniston’s idea of a healthy breakfast  – “tossed topped with coconut oil” and quips “You can spread it on like butter and it’s so yummy!” so reports Fox News in Jennifer Aniston Secrets to a Healthy Morning.

Recently,  Jennifer Aniston is named PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2016. She’s 47.

2. Miranda Kerr

At 5 ft. 9 in., this blue-eyed curvaceous supermodel is bound to make heads turn. Even at 33 years old and a child. Even when she’s no longer the better half of Lord of the Ring’s Legolas actor Orlando Bloom.

But the beautiful Australian who has pleased the crowd in many-a Victoria Secret show is a certified extra virgin coconut oil user. Huffington Post revealed how Orlando Bloom’s ex slathers her hair and face with coconut oil”. That’s aside from having a constant supply of the product in her cupboard to do away with stubborn make-up.

All this may have you wondering! Well, you may want to look into how Suki Waterhouse, Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow are as obsessed about coconut oil as any mere mortal on the planet. Which is actually a shout-out on the numerous surprising benefits of coconut oil.

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