Coco Guru Healthy Eating 6 of the Best Coconut Oil Brands Available Today

6 of the Best Coconut Oil Brands Available Today

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Have you ever heard of coconut oil and all the amazing benefits it has to offer? If you haven’t, then it’s about time you should. Don’t miss out on this organic oil since it can help you greatly in terms of health and body care. All these without the worries of chemical components and high prices. One of the best ways to find this coconut product is either locally at your local supermarket or online shops. So, if you are planning to jump into trend then you should know which coconut oil brand is the best and know what this natural oil has to offer.

6 of the Best Coconut Oil Brands Available Today

The following brands are one of the best available in the market today. It is up to you to decide which brand you would choose and try out.

1. Viva Labs

When purchasing coconut oil online, you may notice that Viva Labs is usually the first choice on the list. Their coconut oil products are made of cold pressed, extra virgin and unrefined coconut oil. Also, their products are kosher and gluten-free. It is non-GMO certified; Trans fats, hexane, and pesticides-free; and rich in medium chain triglycerides that help in boosting energy and weight loss.

2. Nutiva Organic

This brand is known to offer one of the best-selling products in many stores online. Nutiva offers a products, such as a 15-ounce bottle of virgin coconut oil, which is made from a cold-pressed method. It is non-GMO, non-hydrogenated, and has a well-blended USDA-organic formula. Nutiva Organic oil is recommended for skin and hair care purposes.

3. Nature’s Way

This coconut oil product comes as a 32-ounce extra virgin organic coconut oil, which is loaded with medium chain amino acids. It is the perfect product for those who engage in multiple physical activities daily since it gives a great energy boost and increases mental function. It is recognized to help weight loss and skin beautification purposes, such as moisturization, deep cleansing, and shaving.

4. Carrington Farms

Carrington Farms offers a delicious extra virgin coconut oil product that is great for cooking as an alternative to fat and butter. It is organic and naturally made. It is also non-GMO, gluten-free, and free of Trans and hydrogenated fats. This product is mostly used for consumption since its contents are perfect for cooking and can greatly help in boosting immunity and metabolism.

5. Pure Body Naturals

This brand offers a product called “Pure Body Naturals Coconut Oil Hair Mask” which is used for hair care purposes. It is infused with Argan Oil which is also known as Moroccan Gold which is famous for its repairing, restoring, and strengthening qualities. It is all natural and feels light on hair. This product is one of the brands best seller and it should come as no surprise since it is effective and worth trying.

6. Coco Treasure Organics

This coconut brand sells a variety of natural and affordable coconut products, which ranges from coconut oil to coconut jam. All products are USDA certified organic and are all produced in the Philippine Islands for their rich, nutrient-filled soil.

These are the 6 best coconut oil brands that are available today. If you cannot find them at your local supermarket, you can also check out online shops that offer coconut products. The health benefits that coconut oil can offer are bountiful. It is no surprise that a jar of this natural oil can come a long way and is surely worth every penny.

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