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If you are seeking a guru, you are trying to find an esteemed teacher with profound wisdom and inspiration to share it all plentifully. Some of them are said to know everything there is to know about everything that has an answer. Typically, though, they hold information pertaining to one certain topic. Whatever it is that they do, they are people that others look up to and admire. Now, us here at Coco Guru may not be thought of in such high standing but we do try to attain and share as much knowledge as we can concerning our own special topic of choice – coconut. We believe this is an important thing to do because there are so many health benefits of coconut. Many of them are common knowledge, some are not. We feel it is important to share what we know and help the general public in true guru fashion.

Should you be someone who knows next to nothing about coconut oil, you may be surprised to learn that it has been linked to a literal ton of health benefits. These include better digestion, a healthier cardiovascular system, moisturized skin and an increase in energy. Word of these have quickly spread to the masses so we think chances are that you do know the basics of coconut oil health benefits. What we really want to dedicate this website to are all the things you didn’t know you could do to better your life with this oil. A bottle or two can change the way a person lives, if it is done right. That is why we would love nothing more than for you to sit up and read our blog attentively while we attempt to open your eyes and expand your mind to all the health benefits of coconut.

Our passion here at Coco Guru lies in the spreading of information. We believe there is so much knowledge to spread around that we had two options. We could wait around for others to pass the information for us or we could do it ourselves in full confidence that what we are sharing is true and complete. We did the former for a long time. We sat around having a grand old time using coconut oil in all the wonderful ways we know possible and waiting for others to tell the world what we already knew. We got tired of waiting after a while. It is true that you can technically find all the different and obscure health benefits of coconut around but they are scattered all around the world wide web and fairly difficult to acquire. At least that’s what we think. Thus, we have decided to change that.

Health Benefits of Coconut Revealed

So here we go. Here at Coco Guru, it’s all about the coconut. What we love primarily is what this fruit can do for your body and soul. We actually have a hard time thinking of things it doesn’t help. Just a couple of examples of this: did you know that just by adding a few drops of melted coconut oil into your ear will help treat an ear infection? Or that putting it on your feet like lotion can aid in curing athletes foot? We don’t know about you, but knowing that the cure to a couple of the worst temporary ills is simply sitting in your cupboard seems pretty important to us. That’s what we are here for. To supply for you the health benefits of coconut in one simple and compact manner. It is our hope to make your life just that much easier while simultaneously making the world just a tiny bit of a better, healthier place.