Coconut Health Benefits

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health benefits of coconut

Coconut Oil. Coconut Water. Coconut Milk. Coconut Butter. Organic Coconut Sugar…. shall we go on? The world is filled to the brim with so many coconut products and what’s more is that people seem to go absolutely batty over them. Exactly what is so special about coconut? Why is there such a craze over some tree-grown tropical fruit? Well, that’s precisely what we are here to talk about. Chances are you already know a couple of the answers. You know that it makes even the driest skin and hair soft as can be. That ingesting it results in better digestion and having more energy throughout the day. The thing is that we’re not really here to talk much about those. We’d like to take it a step further when it comes to the health benefits of coconut.

Health Benefits of Coconut: Moving up

Did you know that coconut palm trees are called trees of life in some island cultures? That was our first clue into just how handy coconuts can be. Notice we called the coconut a fruit earlier. Coconuts are actually considered by botanists to be a one-seeded drupe but for all intents and purposes can be classified as a fruit, a seed or a nut. The number of things coconuts are good for are even more plentiful than the number of things they can be classified as. One little known perk that goes along with the consumption of coconut is the reduction of sweets cravings. This is done by the coconut’s natural fats going into the blood stream and slowing down any rising blood sugar levels. It is also known to help settle sensitive or upset stomachs. Coconut coinsurers know oil pulling (whiting teeth by swishing coconut oil) works in part by killing bacteria that lives in the mouth. It works about the same way after digestion as well. A stomach will have an easier time settling after the coconut has had the chance to kill off the extra bacteria causing all that growling and grumbling. These are just a couple health benefits of coconut. Our suggestion is to keep up with the use of coconut oil, as it is the most versatile of the coconut family. The oil alone has more than a couple of little known uses that we think will make a big difference in the way you live your life. So here is our last question. The big one. What are you waiting for?