Coco Guru Healthy Eating Coconut Jam: Best with Natural Sweetness Inside

Coconut Jam: Best with Natural Sweetness Inside

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Organic Coconut jam sure conjures a delightfully unique sweet experience; but careful, careful, if it’s too sweet it may not be as healthy as you need it to be. Real organic coco jam is best prepared using coconut nectar.  Once inside the mouth, the final product shouldn’t exhibit too much caramel sweetness.

If coconut jam’s too sweet, this means you’ve been duped: foodies have veered away from the desired formula and used Muscovado cane sugar or brown cane sugar. Now that’s something that should send shivers down the spine of any diabetic patient.

Labels Don’t Tell All

In a world where marketing can overreach, too eager to sell a product, too often there’s a tendency labels may not be as accurate as they should be. And this is truly dangerous. Added sugar can lead to complications – diabetes and metabolic syndrome including – that sadly, can alter your lifespan here on Earth.

Mayo Clinic, for one, has pointed out time and again many who label their products as “trans-fat free” are actually lying to your face – serving you partially hydrogenated oils for instance.

Processors for coconut jam may claim they’re using coconut nectar sweetener, when in fact it’s unhealthy cane sugar that’s on the menu. The extra sweetness should confirm that.

Pure coconut jam is 100% natural and exudes a fruity sweetness, certainly not too sweet. If you’re not sure what’s too sweet, try munching on cheap candy.

Coco Jam: A Healthier Alternative for Everyone

A spread of truly organic coconut jam won’t cause your blood sugar to shoot up. Unlike regular table sugar, this sweet organic product from coconut has low glycemic index as coconut products go, allowing you to put a handle on your blood glucose.

To note, with coco nectar natural sweetener, coco jam is cholesterol free, giving you greater latitude in enjoying your breakfast. Further, the organic product is made up mostly of MCTs (medium-chain triglyceride lauric acid) helping you lower your bad cholesterol.

MCTs are like a blessing from nature. These chemicals goes directly to your liver where with the help of the internal processes of the digestive system they get transformed into fuel for your body. This way, you get added energy to fuel your day.

But that’s not all. As your body breaks down coconut jam, ketone bodies are formed in the processed. These released chemical limits your feelings of hunger, allowing you to go for longer hours without food.

It’s a no-brainer. Nobody gets to those washboard abs, sitting on a couch all day. Then again, injecting your daily dose of coconut bliss should go a long way to get the job done.

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