Coco Guru Benefits How Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Aids Everyday Life

How Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Aids Everyday Life

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Just like the entire fruit (and tree) that it is made from, unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil has a lot of uses. From keeping our skin smooth to protecting us from diseases, here are the many lesser-known ways organic coconut oil is helping people.

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin as an Indispensable Food Ingredient

Besides the fact that this type of coconut oil is healthier and safer to use because of how it is processed, it is worth noting that coconut oil extra virgin is made from fresh coconut meat and so it has a really strong aroma, making it a good food ingredient. Can you imagine eating your favorite baked goods or dishes without sensing that certain taste only coconut oil can give?

Coconut oil also makes a good substitute for butter or shortening, and you don’t have to fret over a change in taste; in fact, some even prefer oil over butter as it gives a certain lightness to whatever you are baking that butter cannot give.

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin as Health Booster

But of course, coconut oil isn’t only for the kitchen. Let’s move to the bathroom. You might have already heard about it, of course, a lot of hair products would have it on their label—that coconut oil is one of its ingredients. Because of how helpful the oil is in fixing damaged hair and making sure your crowning glory dandruff-free, a lot of shampoo manufacturers make it a point to indicate that their products have coconut oil in them. Furthermore, coconut oil is a good source of proteins necessary for keeping your locks nourished, smooth, and as healthy as it can be.

Aside from your hair, coconut oil extra virgin is also good at keeping your skin moisturized, without you having to worry about possible side effects. Coconut oil proves to be a good treatment for some skin diseases. It is for the same reason lotions and soaps have the oil as one of their main ingredients.

It is a common knowledge that coconut oil aids in digestion, but are you aware that the oil extracted from coconut fruit also aids in weight loss? The product sheds excessive weight and helps women deal with abdominal obesity.

Coconut oil extra virgin has other countless health benefits, but it is safe to say that of all, the most noteworthy is the fact that contrary to old claims, coconut oil does help you take care of your heart. It contains a certain type of acid that can save you from having to suffer from heart problems—and that is a health benefit that everyone would want to enjoy.

Let the days when coconut oil extra virgin was considered unhealthy be gone. These misconceptions should have long been disproven by now. It is high time that we let this coco product into our kitchen and let ourselves enjoy the numerous health benefits it offers.

How about you? How does coconut oil extra virgin help you in your everyday life? Comment your answers below.

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