Coco Guru Benefits Coconut Oil as a Substitute for Common Household Products

Coconut Oil as a Substitute for Common Household Products

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Coconut oil is one of the most versatile food. While it is predominantly recognized as a superfood, its use goes beyond the food industry. In fact, almost any product you have in your home, you can substitute for coco oil.

Coco oil is incredibly well known for a reason. And I assure you, it goes beyond its luscious taste and delightful smell. What is so great about this oil is its unique composition which allows it to be transformed and used in different sectors. From the food industry to the beauty sector, even in the healthcare field – this oil has found a way to be of magnificent use and help. This is why hundreds and thousands of people are switching to this natural alternative.

If you think you know everything there is to coco oil, think again.

Cooking and Baking

Renowned chefs use coconut oil not only because of its flavor and aroma. While these factors may have prompted the interest of food enthusiasts, what has kept the attention of many is its performance and benefits.

Coco oil is great for both cooking and baking. As a matter of fact, it may be even better. This oil is extremely different from other cooking oils in terms of composition and reaction to heat. It has a high smoke point which makes it great for cooking in high temperature.

Determining the smoking point of a cooking oil is important. Once the oil reaches its smoking point, it starts oxidizing, resulting in by-products that may cause damage to the health. This is why it is advisable to cook with oils that have a high smoking point like coco oil.

When it comes to baking, coco oil can also be used as a substitute, particularly for butter. Substituting butter with coconut oil produces a minor difference and a better improvement. Unlike butter, this oil is free of water.  As a result, baked goods become crunchier and crispier giving desserts a better texture.

Beauty Products

This wonder oil is used as an active ingredient in beauty products for a reason. It works wonders when it comes to revitalizing lifeless hair and transforming dull skin into a healthier and lovelier state. Majority of expensive store-bought beauty products you own you can substitute for coco oil. Whether it be for your face, body or hair – this oil has got it covered.

Conventional products you see lining up at shops contain chemicals which are harsh on the skin. This can be a huge problem for people with sensitive skin. However, with this oil, you do not have to worry. Because of its lightweight molecular property, it can deeply penetrate the skin to cleanse and remove rooted impurities in the pores while also getting rid of bacteria that cause pimple and acne through its antibacterial properties.

If you are struggling with a bad hair day, coco oil is there to save the day. Coco oil is packed with properties that can supercharge any dreadful state of hair. Its light molecular weight allows it to deeply penetrate the scalp and hair follicle keeping the head well-oiled and moisture. Vitamins and minerals present in this oil also add luster and softness making stubborn frizzy hair more manageable.


Imagine all these incredible ways you can substitute for coconut oil. Experience these wonderful benefits when you buy a jar of coco oil today!

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