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How to Do Coconut Oil Pulling, coconut oil, oil pulling
Mar 04

How to Do Coconut Oil Pulling

Oil pulling may sound odd for those unfamiliar with what it is, but you would be surprised with the many benefits it brings. The method of oil pulling isn’t new, it’s an ancient practice of maintaining oral health. Today, it’s a growing trend. I’ve discussed the benefits of coconut oil pulling before. This time, I’ll […]

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oil pulling, coconut oil, healthy, oral care
Aug 06

The Wonders of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Have you ever wonder on how the ancient people from hundreds of years ago, clean their teeth or if did they even do it at all? According to several studies, they do, at least for some of them. Obviously, toothbrush and toothpaste were not in fashion yet during the time but our ancestors were able […]

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